Arrived at Tokyo, Japan

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12 Nov 2010

After 14 hours since we left our apartment in Doha, we finally arrived in our apartment in Akihabara! We are tired yet still excited.

We arrived at the Doha International Airport past 9 PM and saw hordes of people trying to get in. It’s the beginning of a long holiday for a lot of people and we were just one of the thousands who flocked the airport to get to our flights. I was able to check-in online earlier so that saved us a lot of time. We were supposed to go to the Oryx Lounge as having a Mashreq Credit card meant you can get the Lounge for free. This was what we did the last time we went on vacation. However, this time, the lady who was at tthe counter was asking for 140QR for Xiane’s entry to Oryx Lounge. Mavis and I decided not to go in anymore and spotted a table for us at the nearby Costa Coffee and ordered ourselves Cold Coffee drinks, a croissant, cake and a sandwhich. All for 101QR!

The flight from Doha was delayed for 45 minutes so we got to leave past 2 AM. I wasn’t surprised to see that most of the Japanese people in the plane were older than 50 years old. Xiane wasn’t able to have a snack after the takeoff as she immediately fell asleep. Poor girl 🙁  . The flight itself was uneventful except for minor turbulence. Xiane was able to watch “Despicable Me” when she woke up while Mavis watched “IP Man”. I also convinced Mavis to watch “Dinner with the Schmucks” with Steve Carell and Paul Rudd as it was surprisingly funny.

Food was ok as we were given a choice of trying out Japanese food which names I now forgot.

From Doha, we had a short layover in Osaka and we were asked to disembark the QR802 plane as there was a change of crew for the flight to Tokyo using the same plane. We got to see first hand how Gashapons (Capsule Toys) and Manga (Japanese Comic books) are everywhere in Japan as the gate we were asked to go to wait for our transfer had several of these. There was even a UFO crane and boxes of Wasabi Flavored KitKats on the same store!

An hour later, after landing in Tokyo, we were walking through several walkalators/travelators (at least 7) to get to Immigration.  I think the we were the only flight that came in that time so there wasn’t a lot of people in Immigrations. Mavis and I were taken fingerprints and photos but even though Xianelle was excited about the process, the guy in the counter burst her bubble and was told that only people who are 16 years old and above were required to do so.

We easily got our bags and Customs was a breeze. The guy just asked us where we were from and my job and what we were there for. I was already trying to place the bags on the table for him to check but told us that there is no need and waved his hand to signal for us to pass. Right after exiting, one would clearly see the area where to buy tickets for Tokyo. But since we already decided that the Narita Express Train (NEX) is cheaper and faster, we went down to the basement to get our SUICA/NEX combos (see previous post about Transpo). IT was already about 8:20 PM when we lined up at the JR East Office and was told to hold off buying the separate SUICA card for Xiane as this would take time and the NEX train was going to leave at 8:44. We hurried off to the train (another level below the basement) and luckily, we got into the exact Train car we were supposed to go into as the tickets had seat numbers.

The NEX train was great. It had ample room for storage at the front and back of each cart along with keyed-in locks. The trip from Narita Airport to Tokyo station was an hour long. Tokyo Station itself had so many floors but had enough directions all throughout so there’s less possibility that you’ll get lost. It was already 10 PM but the station was still full! After 5 minutes walk, we got out and took a Taxi to Akihabara!

Some tips when riding a taxi:

  • The driver will automatically open and close the back sidedoors for you so don’t be in a hurry to open or close such.
  • Drivers don’t usually speak any English so better carry the map of the location you are going. They have GPS in their taxis but your Map would immensely help your cause. Oh, make sure it is in Japanese!
  • Don’t tip as this is an insult to them. Good for us paying customers!

Well, that’s it for now. It’s past 1 AM here in Tokyo and I’m sleepier than Sleepy of the Seven Dwarves! I have to tell you more about the apartment tomorrow and our first dinner in Tokyo! till then!

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Ricardo Guzman

November 12th, 2010 at 6:04 pm

hey.. Thanks for sharing.. the San Juan Japan Tour 2010.. know you guys will have a thrilling time!!! Can hardly wait to hear more adventures.. Also I typed in Google, ‘Pinoy + Tokyo’ wow.. see the links.. see this..

BUT THEN AGAIN.. you know these things.. I am the last to know. Have fun!!


Alaa Ghunim

November 17th, 2010 at 10:51 am

Hi :
Very nice trip , I visited Tokyo two times and I lived in Okinawa
Train in Tokyo needs special course to learn how you can arrive to your destination
I hope you enjoy a lot

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