Day 1 at DisneySea – Part 3 – Legend of Mythica

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30 Nov 2010

We barely had time to run to Mediterranean Harbor to see the Legend of Mythica at this point. The 25 minute “water show/parade” starts at 2:30 and we had to run to get a good view from the front. People were already crowding up the good spots and we settled for one of the docks near the front of the Harbor. It wasn’t the best but since the show was about to start and people were still making their way through whatever gaps they could find, we had to stop and settle for what we had. I was even doubtful in the morning if they were going to put on the show as it was windy and gloomy the whole morning.

Legend of Mythica

As with other shows in DisneySea, the narration of the “Legend of Mythica” is in Japanese. From their website, it is described as:

The music begins as the Diamond Goddess appears and explains the Legend of Mythica. Fanfare begins as five vessels shaped, like various living things, such as a frog and turtle, come across the harbor. Cheerful drumming is heard from each of the ships. Just as the percussion sounds grow and echo chaotically, everything comes to a sudden stop. Nothing moving, nothing making a sound.

The Diamond Goddess appears once more and proclaims that it is time to open the Gates of Mythica. From the five ships, Disney characters appear dressed in gorgeous costumes. They represent different Fairies, such as one for Love and another for Adventure. In the center of the harbor, Mickey, the fairy of Imagination appears. He explains the importance of imagination in our lives.

The five ships approach various docks around the harbor. The characters explain to the Guests that we all need to unite in order to call back the creatures of legend. Music is played and dancing begins. A strong percussion sound leads in a dynamic dance and colorful performance. Jet sports are done and colorful kites are flown above.

Five Crystal Goddesses appear on the water along with the Diamond Goddess. Their beautiful singing creates a harmonious balance. The Gates of Mythica finally open. The echoes call out around brilliant fanfare and the revive legendary creatures such as dragons, unicorns, hydras and phoenixes.

The rhyhtm around the harbor, the hearts and minds of the characters and all the Guests unite in one impressive and wonderfully moving finale.

This is what essentially happens. It is quite difficult to really get the story from what’s happening since the movement of the boats is very limited. Once the floats come out, they envelope and go round the middle barge. When the Disney Characters come out, they get to dock in their respective areas and dance to the crowd. In our case, we got to see Minnie Mouse along with her cohorts, dancing to the Legend of Mythica Theme.

The presentation as a whole is good. The costumes and music were great and the floats were impressive. The effort of creating a water show and logistics of handling the number of floats  makes it a production not to be missed when going to DisneySea. However, as I’ve said before, the environment also makes it a bit limited and repetitive. With other parades in Disney, you get several floats passing you and tend to make you look forward to what’s coming next. With Legend of Mythica, since the floats are farther and are less than the number in Jubilation, I didn’t feel a connection as with other parades. Aside from the character getting down his ship and performing in your area, all you’d see are the same 6-8 characters waving as they go around the middle barge. Still, I dont want to take anything away from the production as it is a must-see in DisneySea.

After the show, we decided to go home early as we basically finished with our itinerary for DisneySea for today. Whatever we missed, we would be able to do and catch up on our second day. Besides, we were already tired and knowing that we had to do Disneyland tomorrow, we had to give ourselves some time to rest. It was also getting too cold for us and when the Legend of Mythica ended, the temperature dropped by a few degrees and it began drizzling. We bought Xiane a hotdog before going back to the train. We haven’t really had lunch yet and we’re still deciding where in Akihabara to eat…

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