Day 1 at DisneySea – Part 1

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24 Nov 2010

note: I’m going to break this into several parts as I’d have a very long post if I don’t.

A Trip to DisneySea

You have a Disneyland in the US, Paris, Hongkong and Tokyo but you only get one DisneySea and that is in Tokyo! I’ve read a lot of reviews about DisneySea while doing my planning and itinerary and tried to base our itineraries on this research. However, you really can’t have the same experience as the other as it all depends on a lot of circumstances.

Rush Hour Madness at Tokyo Metro

Rush Hour Madness at Tokyo Metro

DISNEYSEA TIP NO. 1: You may want to read on the options on how to get to DisneySea from Tokyo especially if you are not staying in a Disney Resort Hotel on my previous post.

Welcome to Tokyo Disney Resort

Welcome to Tokyo Disney Resort

We went to Tokyo DisneySea using the train from Akihabara to Hacchobori to Maihama. I’ve read that instead of using the Disney Resort Line, one can walk to DisneySea. However, it all depends on you and who you are with. If you are with kids, I suggest you take the Disney Resort Line instead of making them walk for 10-15 minutes. You’ll be better of spending that effort walking around DisneySea. Besides, if you were able to spend money for your tickets, I’m sure you can spare some for a 230Yen adult fare and 130Y fare for a child (one way).

Tokyo Disney Resort Line

Tokyo Disney Resort Line

Riding the Tokyo Disney Line

Riding the Tokyo Disney Resort Line

DISNEYSEA TIP NO. 2: If you have time to get your tickets in the Disney Shop in Shibuya a day or two before you go there, much better instead of lining up to get a ticket in the resort itself. Or if not possible, have someone line up at the gates while one buys the tickets.

The long line at DisneySea 20 minutes before opening on a Monday

The long lines at DisneySea

We got there 20 minutes before opening and we were greeted with a lot of people! It was a Monday and although the capacity wasn’t expected to be a lot, hundreds, if not a thousand, have already lined up on the gloomy Monday we were there. After alighting the Disney Resort Line, we immediately lined up. Some Cast Members were checking bags at a checkpoint before you get to the entrance but they were not necessarily strict in checking. We were carrying some chocolates and a bottle of water but was partially hidden by the scarves we had in the bag. It was a fast check so you just open the bag and no poking nor taking our things. Unless you’re probably one of the Tokyoites who were carrying wheeled trolleys to DisneySea ( I never got to understand why they would but probably all their “fashion gear” is in their trolley).

Entering Tokyo DisneySea

Notice the people running behind Mavis and Xiane

DISNEYSEA TIP NO. 3: If you can carry a bottle of water inside DisneySea, you can always refill it at the water fountains/station across the park. Easier than trying to look for a vendo machine or a cart to buy your drink when you actually need it.

Jiminy Cricket at Tokyo DisneySea

Jiminy Cricket at Tokyo DisneySea

Once we got in, a lot of people were in a hurry making their way to The Mysterious Island area. Some were actually running so we tried to brisk walk with them, stopping by to say hello to Jiminy Cricket along the way. Xiane didn’t seem interested with the Mascots now that she knows that they are just costumes with humans inside them so we skipped on Geppetto,  The Fox and even Pinocchio.

Mysterious Island at Tokyo DisneySea

Our first goal was to reach Mysterious Island

Captain Nemo's Submarine

Captain Nemo's Submarine, The Nautilus

When we got to the Mysterious Island, we immediately went down to ride 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. There was very minimal wait so we got in the “submarine” in less than 5 minutes. The rail ride simulates a research submarine designed by Captain Nemo going underwater to see an undersea world. Riding definitely gives you the feeling of being submerged in water and details and animatronics were good. Since you are in Japan, the language though is in Japanese so you don’t get the whole picture of what’s happening. But for a kid’s ride, it’s one of the best from DisneySea.

Journey to the Center of the Earth in DisneySea

Journey to the Center of the Earth

An installation seen while waiting in line

An installation seen while waiting in line

Next up was Journey to the Center of the Earth which was the 2nd and last ride available in Mysterious Island. Honestly, I didn’t d much research on what type of rides there are but more on what rides are good to take so I didn’t have much idea on what to expect as we line up the rides. It tends to get more exciting that way ;). It was about 10:20 AM (park opened at 9) when we queued for Journey to the Center of the Earth (JTTCOTE). There was already a 40 minute wait time and Fast Passes were still available but since we were already there, we didn’t want to come back as we were trying to stick to our itinerary for DisneySea. Looking back, it would have been better to line up immediately for JTTCOTE or get a Fast Pass (Read more about Fast Pass here) for it, then ride 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Life is an Astounding Journey

Life is an Astounding Journey

As with other Disney rides in Tokyo, they were prepared for long lines and once entering the cave, you are led into a swirling queue. The theming was great as installations, photos, “artifacts” were there for display. Mavis was so nervous as I was telling her that this was a cart ride with long drops that her hands were getting sweaty. Since only 2 people were allowed per seat, Xiane decided to stay with her mom to ease her uneasiness. I was seated just behind them so I could hear Mavis’ scream throughout the ride! It wasn’t really scary per se and the long drop at the end was just enough to give you that thrill you were looking for but definitely one of our favorite.

to be continued…

3 Responses to Day 1 at DisneySea – Part 1



November 24th, 2010 at 10:35 am

great blog! we are heading to tokyo and disney january 2 to 5ht cant wait to read your next installment



December 13th, 2010 at 5:50 am

If I understand correctly, you were at Disney Sea on Monday, Nov. 22nd. According to the TDR crowd calendar, that was one of the busiest days of the year!



December 13th, 2010 at 12:13 pm

@Steve, yup… we were in DisneySea on Nov. 22. I’m not sure of it was one of the busiest days but I’ve read from another forum that it was supposed to be a moderately crowded day based on a Japanese website they were looking at. I don’t think it was one of the busiest day as lines were pretty ok considering it was DisneySea.

I’m sure any weekday would be better than a friday and saturday, sunday 🙂

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