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14 Nov 2010
Vendo Machine for your Order


Still on our second day, after our trip to Shibuya, we were feeling famished going back to the apartment. Luckily for us, Akihabara is filled with restaurants and didn’t disappoint. We were planning to eat at the Ramen/Sobu shop right next to our building but when we passed by Pepper Lunch, I couldn’t resist but give it a try.

Pepper Lunch in Akihabara

Pepper Lunch in Akihabara

Pepper Lunch, though sounding very western, is actually very Japanese. Their menu consists of prime beef steak cuts that are served to you raw! Don’t worry, the beef is placed on a very hot platter which cooks your beef in minutes. Great concept as you get to watch your beef cook in front of your eyes!

Xianelle's Choice at Pepper Lunch

Xianelle’s Choice at Pepper Lunch

The Pepper Lunch on the corner of Akihabara is quite small and would only probably seat 14 people around its bar. A Vendo machine is placed on the left side just as you enter the door. The vendo machine is where you get your menu and where you place your order. You place your money on the vendo, press the button of your choice and it spits out a small paper which you give to the person at the counter. Depending on the order, the person would ask you if you want your rice to be big or medium. In our case, Xiane picked an order with thinly sliced beef and rice and corn. Mavis ordered us Hamburger steak with the option of getting our choice of rice size. Of course, we ordered the big sized rice bowl!

Enjoying the Food at Pepper Lunch

Enjoying the Food at Pepper Lunch

Mavis didn’t really know that what she ordered for us was Hamburger steak. The thing is, as people not knowing Japanese, your only point of reference to the food you are ordering on the menu are the small pictures placed on the vendo machine. Once she was handed her plate, she was already ready to be disappointed as she didn’t really like Hamburger steaks. However, after bite, she completely fell in love with it. Oishi! She now insists that we have to eat there again. Xiane also loved her food, which was good for us, as children can be quite picky. The only problem with Pepper Lunch is that since food is cooked a grilled plate, you end up smelling like your food once you leave. My advice, better eat here when it’s dinner and on your way home unless you don’t mind the smell of tasty beef clinging to your clothes.

Our premium Hamburger Steak at Pepper Lunch. OISHI!

Our premium Hamburger Steak at Pepper Lunch. OISHI!

I’m sure we’ll be back at Pepper Lunch again this week!

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