USB, Memory Sticks and Memory Cards in AKihabara

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15 Nov 2010

Akihabara is choke full of PC parts, electronic items, gadgets and all that pleases a real techno geek. You see small stall selling video, hdmi and electronic cables. You’ll see boxes in front of shops filled with electronic stuff that may be worthless for some but a find for another.

On our third day, as we we’re going to the Akihabara Train Station, we saw a shop selling memory cards and USB sticks. It’s a very small shop just outside of the Electric Town exit and Otakus were ogling at his wares. I looked at the prices of the memory cards being offered but noticed that they are in a way cheaper than what i would buy them for in Qatar. I mean, I can buy a 4 GB SD memory card (class 6) in Qatar for 50QR and Akihabara would have them for about 898 Yen (39QR). An 8 GB SD memory card (class 6) would range from 1480 Yen upwards. This would translate to about 65QR. And with so many brands and options to choose from, it might take you some time before you can decide what to get; as seen in the photo below!

Buying a memory card in Akihabara

This is giving me a headache!

In our case, we were more interested with the “Kawaii” stuff that he was selling. “Kawaii” means cute, lovable, and adorable  in Japanese and is used for almost anything that they see is cute. I’ve heard this word almost a hundred times since we arrived 3 days ago! I’ll explain more later. In any case, we saw these Thumbdrives/USB sticks which are encased in “kawaii” forms and shapes. Some were bears, violins, guitars, some simian looking object, jersey shirts, pandas, mouse, bags, cameras and more! These were not like the “humping” dogs from previous post 🙂

Kawaii Memory Sticks n Akihabara

"Kawaii" Memory Sticks n Akihabara

Since Xiane was required a thumb-drive for her laptop in school (yup, their school provides Grade 2 students their own laptops!). We thought of buying her one as I’m sure her classmates would basically have the usual black/gray/silver thumbdrives you usually get in bookstores or electronic shops anywhere. But this is Japan and there is no excuse for not buying “Kawaii” stuff. She had a difficult time picking what she thinks is cute, probably as confused as the man buying the memory card above, that it took her 5 minutes and several discussions with me and her mom what to pick. Eventually, Mavis felt she needed to buy one for herself too! The memory is just 2GB, but would be enough for several documents of just transferring a small number of photos from a PC to another.

Xianelle picking her USB Stick

Xianelle picking her USB Stick

more USB Selections!

more USB Selections!

So this is how we started our 3rd day in Japan! Later on, I’d see more Thumbdrives that would make any Star Wars fan go nuts! I’d have to keep myself from digging into my wallet!

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January 23rd, 2011 at 8:44 am

ahhhh!! i’m sooo getting one of those USB sticks!!!! 😀



January 24th, 2011 at 4:25 pm

Lots of these to choose from so pick well 😉

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