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1 Dec 2010

Taking a break from our Disney adventure, I’m posting some of our Toy haul from Tokyo. Most of these stuff were from Akihabara, either from Gashapon Machines (Capsule balls) and from toy shops. Capsule toys can be had for 200Yen to 400Yen (500Yen for “Eroge” figures). While some of the old toys, not available from Capsule machines can be found in Akiba if you know where to look. You’ll be able to find lots in Radio Kaikan Building!


More than meets the Eye!

Optimus Prime for 300Yen, Megatron for 200Yen

Was lucky in finding Megatron in Hobby Store, My Way II, Akiba. They had several old figures from Capsule Balls that they placed in plastics and displayed outside their shop. But a store in Radio Kaikan had better choices though more expensive.  I got Optimus Prime in a 2nd/3rd floor shop at Radio Kaikan and a Silver Megatron too.

Android 13 and Android 19 were 400Yen each

I also got additions to my Dragonball Collection which have been growing these past years.  Android 13 and Android 19 were from Gachapon Machines in Chuo Dori, Akihabara. 400 Yen each and since it’s a Gachapon, you don’t have control what you’ll get. Mavis found Gohan and Turtle in Hobby.Store, My Way II. I think it was only 200Yen.

"Tetsuwan Atomu"/Astro Boy

Another figure from a Gachapon! Had to get this one as Astro Boy is one of the more popular Manga/Anime in Japan. 300Yen, I think.

K-On Girls

(L-R) Mio, Azunyan, Mugi and Yui

K-On! Oh these figures were difficult to set up as they kept falling from their stands! We got them from Capsule Machines for 400Yen each. We were quite lucky that we didn’t get any repeats. However, upon reaching Doha, we found out that we were missing Ritsu-chan!!! If you don’t know who these girls are, you better brush up on your Anime before going to Japan as you’ll see a lot of them there! Some of the figures were selling for 8000Yen each! We have more K-On figures we won from the UFO Catchers but I’ll post them next time. Let me introduce them to you:

Tsumugi/Mugi - On Keyboards


Azunyan - The 2nd Guitarist and supposed to be the cuttest


Lovely Mio plays the Bass


Lazy Yui plays the Lead "Gitar"

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