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27 Dec 2010
Mickey's Passport

Mickey’s Passport

1.      I was expecting a lot of tourists coming outside of Japan to be in the Resort but eventually concluded that we probably make up less than 5% of the crowd. A lot of people are coming from different parts of Japan and even from Tokyo itself, even on weekdays. They regularly come to Disneyland/DisneySea to get exclusive and seasonal items. Plus, if you get their Annual Passes, going to the park more than 5 times a year makes up for the price of the Annual Passes. And it’s Disneyland! I’d be doing the same if I live there.

School Girls at Disney

School Girls at DisneySea

2.      Schools usually have excursions to Disneyland! Again, these are from different prefectures in Japan so you’ll probably see teens in their uniforms going around the resort. At first, Mavis and I were telling ourselves that these kids skipped their classes but a Japanese friend did confirm that these were school excursions. I would have loved to be in their school!

Minnie Ears Headband

Minnie Ears Headband

3.      You “need” to buy and wear a Disney cap/hat/bonnet/headband of some sort to make you feel that you are in Disneyland. This may not apply to DisneySea. No one is going to blink an eye if you wear the zaniest hat you could find in the resort.

Disney Accesories Galore

Disney Bag and Keychain

4.      To be “in” with the crowd, you should buy stuff in Disney so that you could wear and show off these items in Disney. These can be bags, key chains, ticket holders, trinkets, and what have you. Everybody has to bring and wear some sort of Disney gear. Shops are always filled with people buying expensive stuff.

5.      Long lines are normal and people do line up properly. I didn’t really see any jumping of queues and pushing. There was no boisterous group and people respect rules. If you see people rushing up to the queue ahead of you, they usually belong to a group that was ahead. I did this too when Mavis and Xiane went to line up for a ride while I got Fast Passes. This is acceptable.

Short Skits/Shorts everywhere at 12C

Short Skits/Shorts everywhere at 12C

6.      Tokyo girls are fashionable even when going to Disney. They come in their boots, short skirts/shorts, blond-dyed hair, faux fur coats, glitzy makeup, and shrill little voices. People watching at its best! This is especially true before the parade starts and you’re already seated on the gutter. Or even when in line. Mavis always tells me she’d love to see their fashion when it’s summer as more than 70% of these Tokyo girls were wearing short skirts at 12C temperature! What more could they try to wear when its summer?

7.      Don’t expect to see a lot of people using a DSLR camera. You’re probably a tourist if you do, like us. Since a lot of visitors are returnees, I’m sure they already have tons of photos stored on their PC’s so I didn’t see a lot of people with DSLRs on their neck. If they are bringing camera, these are usually the smaller point-and-shoot or even the newer ones with the smaller interchangeable lens; nothing really bulky.

8.      Some bring roll-on luggage to Disney. As I’ve mentioned before, these are probably stuff that they need to maintain their fashion, probably coats and jackets for the evening? Honestly, I don’t know but you’ll see them.

Notice the similarity?

Notice the similarity?

9.      When these fashionable teens are in groups, they usually have a theme to what they’re wearing or would even dress up very similar to each other including the type of Disney hats/bonnets/head gear they wear.

Churros before the Parade

Churros before the Parade

10.  What is it about Churros that Japanese people like them so much? You’ll see them eat this anywhere. I’d understand the Turkey Leg but the Churros?

Churros, sometimes referred to as a Spanish doughnut, are fried-dough pastry-based snacks, sometimes made from potato dough, that originated in Spain.

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