My Tokyo Toy Haul!

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12 Feb 2011

Here is my Tokyo Toy haul! Coming back to Qatar, how I wish I could have bought more. Tsk tsk. When we went to Tokyo, I already allotted a budget for Mavis and I for buying stuff that we may want. However, when already there deciding what to buy becomes a problem. There are so many things you have to choose from and though a budget is already set, it becomes difficult to justify splurging on all the things you want. Then you end up regretting not buying them once you come back. And this is probably a lesson for us to not to be too scared of spending when a budget is already set.

My Toys! My Precious!

We have a lot of Tokyo loot but I’m just posting my own loot this time. For Gundam stuff as well as other Mecha/Robot toys, your best bet would be at a Yodobashi Store. Go to the one in Akihabara as it is the biggest one there is. Loads and loads of Gundams, from the old ones to the newest model. They also have stickers, markers and the ActionBase stands for your Gundams. Do note that though you’re buying a Gundam in a box, it doesn’t include the base stand so you have to buy those separately. Make sure you’re getting a base fit for the size of your Gundam!

My Gundam and Robotech Toys

Sword Strike Gundam for 1617 Yen

Gundam GP03S for 2572 Yen

RX -121-1 Hazel Custom for 950 Yen! Bargain!

Macross VF100's for 2000 Yen

A closer look

Converts to Fighter Plane, Gerwalk, and Battroid!

Gundam Action Base and Markers

You can also get your Anime and other figures in Yodobashi but those are limited. I suggest you go around Akihabara and look at stores and compare. However, one of the best place to look for figures is in Kotobukiya. After exiting the JR Station, Akihabara Exit, it’s the yellow building right outside and has floors choke full of shops selling figures and other Otaku items. You’ll get to see some of the most expensive figures as well as old school, out of print items, gashapon figures, etc. We actually found very rare Inuyasha figures that we bought for a bit more than what they would have cost in 2003 but you don’t get to see these items anywhere. You also get to pick Gashapon toys instead of trying your luck on the Gashapon Machines. They can be bought in sets or by item but a bit more expensive since they were  already picked for you.

Loved these Transformers figures!

Valkyrie VF-1S! Great find!

Astro Boy, Dragonball, Tansformers and more...

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