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Japanese Girls Posing for the camera

November 18, 2010 (Thursday) – We’ve been taking the trains to go to Disney Resort for the past 3 days and though the Metro Hibiya station is near us, you still have to spend at least 5 more minutes walking once you go down the station to get to your train and then walk another […]

Big Thunder Mountain

We stayed for a bit in Westernland as it was too early for us to ride Big Thunder Mountain and our feet were already complaining. Mavis and Xiane bought a smoked sausage which Xiane almost finished by herself. I’m also not sure if where we got our new batch of Popcorn but we munched on […]

Tokyo, Japan 2010 Trip

This is our blog of our 14-day trip to Tokyo, Japan! Itineraries, budget, where to go, what to see and what to do!

  • Angie: It's a personal trip. I will be in Manila before the Japan trip and will be back to Doha after a mon [...]
  • xtian001: I am not sure about this and you may have to ask the Japanese Embassy directly. Is this a personal t [...]
  • An jie: Hi. I want to ask if instead of personal bank account (which I don't have here in Qatar), I will hav [...]
  • xtian001: Renato, visit the Japanese Embassy website so you'll know the requirements for you. As for your fami [...]
  • Renato Paglomutan Ilisan: Dear Sir/Madam; I would like to apply for a tourist Japan Visa with my Family on this coming thir [...]

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