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1.      I was expecting a lot of tourists coming outside of Japan to be in the Resort but eventually concluded that we probably make up less than 5% of the crowd. A lot of people are coming from different parts of Japan and even from Tokyo itself, even on weekdays. They regularly come to Disneyland/DisneySea […]

Big Thunder Mountain

We stayed for a bit in Westernland as it was too early for us to ride Big Thunder Mountain and our feet were already complaining. Mavis and Xiane bought a smoked sausage which Xiane almost finished by herself. I’m also not sure if where we got our new batch of Popcorn but we munched on […]

People were already crowding as the parade was to start in 15 minutes. We really wanted to watch the White Holiday Parade near The World Bazaar but we were stuck in Adventure Land. We saw some Cast Members making some motions with their hands as they try to teach people already sitting on the pathways […]

Tokyo, Japan 2010 Trip

This is our blog of our 14-day trip to Tokyo, Japan! Itineraries, budget, where to go, what to see and what to do!

  • Angie: It's a personal trip. I will be in Manila before the Japan trip and will be back to Doha after a mon [...]
  • xtian001: I am not sure about this and you may have to ask the Japanese Embassy directly. Is this a personal t [...]
  • An jie: Hi. I want to ask if instead of personal bank account (which I don't have here in Qatar), I will hav [...]
  • xtian001: Renato, visit the Japanese Embassy website so you'll know the requirements for you. As for your fami [...]
  • Renato Paglomutan Ilisan: Dear Sir/Madam; I would like to apply for a tourist Japan Visa with my Family on this coming thir [...]

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